OOSHCARE – Miranda North

Miranda North Oosh Care provides before school care, after school care & vacation care services for children aged 5 to 13 years.


At Miranda North Oosh Care, we provide a friendly caring and exciting environment that allows children to explore their environment freely and develop skills needed in every day life.

We aim to provide a safe caring and fun environment where children can freely choose from a wide variety of exciting activities and games.

We respect children as individuals and program experiences and activities that cater for their interests and development. We also foster their self esteem and confidence through theses activities and experiences.

We aim to make children feel safe, secure, respected and give them appropriate responsibility so that they feel like valued members of the school age care community.

We strongly believe in respecting and catering for children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. We understand that all children and families have their own beliefs, traditions and cultures and we endeavour to foster these and whenever possible implement them into the facility’s program. We respect the diversity of children’s backgrounds and accommodate the individual needs of each child.

We actively seek to develop relationships with families and the community and we encourage their participation in the operation of the service.