Child Care Benefit

Child Care Benefit CCB is a payment made to families to assist with the cost of childcare.  All families are entitled to CCB.  This means that the centre will either reduce the fees at the point of payment or a lump sum can be collected by parents at the end of the financial year through the Family Assistance Office or Centrelink.

The claim the reduce feed you will need to contact the FAO on 13 61 50 who will then notifiy the parents and the centre of the family’s percentage.  This percentage is used in a formula to calcuate your reduced fee amount.

If you are planning on claiming a lump sum, the centre will need to obtain a Customer Reference Number for you and your children.  Please see the co-ordinator for a form to fill out to obtain these numbers.


CCB Customer Reference Number

When registering for the CCB you may need to quote the following numbers.

Before & After School Care: 407 128 809L

Vacation Care: 407 128 817L

Centrelink: 13 61 50